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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dumb Ways To Die YouTube Cover

Hey there...

Okay I know... I'm not a good, consistent blogger.
I do have loads of things to write but I guess I'm not disciplined enough to make myself sit down and write.

Well today I feel somewhat guilty for leaving this blog on hold. So believe it or not, I've managed to let myself focus on rambling on this blog, even if it's just for a few minutes. Please bear with me :)

Okay, so the thing I wanna talk about is MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Sorry for the capitals. I'm actually a little bit excited. Well for those who have been following my youtube channel, you'd probably notice that I had recently posted a piano cover of myself playing the catchy tune "Dumb Ways To Die". My bro and sis in law told me and my girls about this song. It's so damn catchy that I just had to do a piano cover of it! I covered it by ear so I don't think my chords are accurate. Then again I'm just doing it for fun :)
 I used my Canon 1100D to record the video and I'm sorry for the poor sound quality. My piano sucks a little due to moving (from Ireland back to Malaysia).

Anyway, I didn't think this video will gain many views, I mean.. I was just messing around. As of today, this video has received 1,317 views. Wow! I mean.. wow for me! I've never had that many views before. I've never really hit the 1,000 mark. I know it's probably crumbs for some (only 1,000 you say??).
I got even more excited because YouTube sent me an email saying I can now Monetise my videos! All because of my cover video, gaining viewers more than usual. I can now put adverts on my youtube videos haha!

So that's pretty much it for today. I wanted to write about my original song "It's All Up To You", but I think I'll save it for another post (or else this post will be tooooo lengthy). 'Til we meet again readers of the web, soon I hope. Do drop by my youtube channel. 'Like' if you like my videos. Subscribe if you wanna follow. Comment if you wish (keep it nice and encouraging, will ya).

Be safe wherever you are. Take care and God bless :)