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Tania Fiza Music

I was introduced to music by my parents at an early age of 4. I attended piano classes and took the ABRSM exams for piano. Unfortunately my piano journey stopped at Grade 5. Nevertheless, I was passionate about music and eventually I had managed to pick up and learn the guitar by myself. By then I was 15. Just as I was beginning to love the guitar, I also began to feel affection for song-writing.

My first few songs were ridiculous! I wrote about friendships, my water bottle (now that’s bizarre!), about my family and all things that were surrounding a quiet, introvert 15-year-old at the time. I am lucky that my parents encouraged me to pursue my love for music and a couple of years later, my dad bought me a KORG synthesizer for music-making. From then on, my song-writing and even my music arranging skill improved. My lyrics got better as I grew older. Life experience always gives the best inspiration in song-writing, I always think.

I have been a devotee of rock and alternative music since I was young. At times, I loved listening to country music too. During the earlier years, my biggest influences were from Greenday, The Tuesdays, Hanson and Jason LO. Now, I listen to the likes of Greenday (this will never change), Demi Lovato, Yuna, Lenka, Kina Grannis, Jason Mraz, Taylor Swift, etc.

On this page are my latest songs, hope you guys enjoy! :)

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Don't Say Goodbye by Tania Fiza Rozlan by Tania Fiza Rozlan

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