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Tuesday, January 22, 2008


this time last year.....

i think i got discharged from the hospital... and i was sitting and chatting at home with my family about my new born Puti....she was a chubby 4.2kg baby...didn't know at that time who she actually looks like...we all adored her....and adore her still until today....and forever....

and today she turns ONE!
Happy Birthday Puti! We all love you!! May Allah bless you always and forever, InsyaAllah.

i do feel a bit sorry that we are not going to conjure up a big party (like her sister's first).....
but at least we're going to have a mini dinner celebration with a few friends for Puti tonight....

almost forgot....wan and aki convey their love and birthday wish to Puti as well ;)

~ Happy Birthday Cheeky Puti ~
(uncle taa & uncle mi...nak toy!)

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