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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Ivories

Some may say it’s an expensive hobby, but hey… I can’t help it! I’ve been playing it since I was 4! Nonetheless, it is a shame when the learning journey had to come to an end. Evidently, I notice the smoothness in my playing and the sight readings have deteriorated quite considerably. In fairness, I can still read notation, maybe not as effortless as before, but my score writing is very sluggish now.

What I really want to convey today is that I have finally bought something I have longingly want ever since I’m so far away here. It may not be the same as what I have back home and the contentment of playing may not be as akin as what I have experienced with the real thing, but it is what I can afford to settle with this time around.

Behold, the lovely Yamaha Clavinova CLP220R dark rosewood digital piano complete with matching Thomann bench and headphones:

Isn’t it a darling? ;)

Anyone interested in buying or even just browsing through music instruments, softwares, accessories, etc., I highly recommend Thomann Cyberstore (Musikhaus Thomann), superb service and super fast delivery. Check out the website at

Now all I need is a midi-usb interface cable, a good music software (that is compatible with Vista of course) and some classic Michael Buble, Norah Jones, Hanson, Marie Digby, etc songbooks! Any good recommendations, people???

P/S: By the way, all those Michael Buble enthusiasts, he’s coming here this July, so don’t miss out! ;)


Anonymous said...

IM COMING micheal!!!! wat la guitar class nk blaja la...btw..intoducing my new bf,chris cendana-velvet fingertips(youtube)...=)


Anonymous said...

wahwahwah...takpasan pulak dah tayang pinno kat sini.. bila nak start kelas utk murid2 dewasa ni??