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Monday, May 26, 2008

Bike for Hire

Hey hey ... salute to Daddy & Mummy for the cool idea!

So many pictures to upload, so I'll cut the story short...

Got a text from Daddy Sunday morning, thought the idea was cool, got ready as soon as we could (sorry guys...our 'soon' took about an hour! typical huh? ;p), arrived at the park and the ecstatic Daddy quickly grabbed Dhia who was still wondering what was going on, put her in the 'trishaw-like' carrier beside Adam and strolled off with glee!

Overall Sunday was a fun day especially for the kids... enjoy the pics!

I bet the little sister was jealous...

But she forgot everything once she saw the playground!

And this large orange spinning disc thingy is awesome! But they got dizzy after a few spin ;p

Time to go home...

And after all the playing, running, jumping, screaming and laughing...

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