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Monday, July 27, 2009

"Feel Ignored"

Feel ignored
Is it ok? Apparently, not
Can’t speak
Then I risk hurting dear hearts
Have been feeling
The sharp edges of love
But still bearable
So far
If I dance along with the waves
Then the evil force will drag me in further
Not just to me
But to dear hearts around me
Sure we care
We all care
We say we care
But do we show we care
The sweetness we love
Turns sour but still chewable
We’re not forcing to chew
We still eat but wishing
For a sweeter taste of love
I get it I’m not perfect
Probably paving my own doom
Knowingly or not
That’s why I keep thinking
If I can just take a break
But I’m not willing to leave
I’m too dependent on things
There’s no where but here
I can try to stand tall
Feel ignored
Not anymore

...actually, I'm bored ;)

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