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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Malay Music Review

This is what I currently enjoy listening and watching. 'Janjiku' AIM performance by Sofaz. Okay I'm not really into the group (the lead singer is like 24...duhh!) but I think this particular song is awesome in terms of the melody and music arrangements. Lyrics are okay but I don't think us women would prefer something like this to happen to us! Okay back to the musical aspect, it might sounded simple to some but because I used to write music myself, I know catchy tunes do not come easily. It is more like a sudden light bulb switched on in your head and before you know it, your hand started strumming the guitar or playing the piano and unconstructed words began to slowly fill in the gaps.

For musician and music writers, it is the best feeling ever. You know you're writing and composing something pure, something good. I can't emphasise enough the difference between having to write songs unwantingly or in a I-have-to sort of way and a sudden burst of ideas knocking at your head and you write freely and confidently. After the composing process, comes the arranging of the instruments, blending the melody to make a perfect composition. I love this part as well as I can feel the brainstorming process of creating and imagining. It is all art.

As much as I like 'Janjiku', I am a little disappointed with several other songs they produced, although 'Cinta' is absolutely cool as well! There are several good songs that makes your head nods and your feet shake. But some songs are just typical. Typical malay-band song with typical malay-band 'ish' music video. Even the hit single 'Janjiku' music video, I so much prefer the Indonesian version compared to the Malaysian version. It has more appeal, more meaning.

Apart from Sofaz, the incredible Estranged with 'Itu Kamu' is just superb. The song is just perfect with the right tune, right melody, right lyrics, right everything. I have yet to listen to the whole album though. Under my circumstances, it's a bit difficult to get hold of such things at the moment.

To continue...
Jaclyn Victor's live duet with Lah Ahmad at the Anugerah Juara Lagu 22 finals was outstanding nevertheless. Two powerful vocals, so magical, so enchanting. I wish I was there! Even Misha Omar's performance seemed a bit blunt compared to the couple. I really think the absolute right decision was made at the AJL 22 that is by awarding Estranged's 'Itu Kamu' the winner. All those Siti Nurhaliza, Nora, etc had to stand aside. I've never heard 'Itu Kamu' until I saw AJL 22 on the net and it was definitely heart stopping the first time I heard it. That shows the song is a winning song.

I have to pen off now as reality just hit me in the face! ;)

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