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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Expensive Cravings

Some people crave for cars, others collect designers stuff... but I prefer gadgets. Okay maybe if I'm loaded I'll probably buy everything anyways haha!

I rather spill hundreds for the long awaiting iPhone than a Gucci bag. Hey, that's just me. I can spend hours and hours, sacrificing sleep just playing with my iPhone. And last night I've managed, after several attempts, to download videos off youtube, and convert it to put into iPhone. Many thanks to for the brilliant tutorial. Those who uses Mozilla Firefox should take this advantage by just simply downloading the excellent Firefox plug-in at

It will automatically downloads youTube video files although each time YouTube updates their code, these plug-ins and scripts usually need to be updated as well. Of course you would then need a good video converter that supports most video type files to convert the originally saved .flv file.

Also, I think is superb for giving step-by-step guide on how to install applications, add patches or unlock iPhone of all version including the latest 1.1.4. Hey, I'm no expert but it is a bit boring with just the original, purely fresh 'untouched' iPhone.

At the moment, there is one more luxury item that I really really desire and it has been a long wait. It kinda slowly 'eating' me as well cause I badly want to release my craving to play. I want to play the piano. Yes, that's what I wish for. My playing skill has probably damper to as low as it could get but the passion to play is always there to the extent that I sometime dream of performing. I used to dream like this during my peak musical years of wanting to be a musician. Man, those years were the best! ;)

So there you go, I bought a PSP, then I won a free ipod touch, bought an iPhone a few months later and now I want a piano. People just get so material nowadays ahaks! Okay lights off now, time to hit 'play' on 'Fool' by Marie Digby and take a trip to dreamland.

Goodnite bloggers.

P/s: A fun video to share...

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