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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Little Things In Life

‘Little Things In Life’….. it was 8 years ago when I wrote this song….
My head was bursting with ideas at that time, the soul was so passionate I actually wrote this song in a classroom back in college while the lecturer was babbling stuff I wasn’t even listening to! ;)

But I wasn’t equipped with the best recording system, hence the very bad sound quality and if you notice, my voice sounded very soft and echo-ey. Friends and families do say this song sounded much better when performed live…All and all it is a song I wrote, composed, arranged, sang, played, recorded….everything all by my self…. Hey hey…thumbs up for me! ;)

No music video this time….just the lyrics and the song….enjoy.


Lyrics & Melody by Tania Fiza Rozlan

(Copyright 2008 Tania Fiza Rozlan, registered copyright with

I wake up in the morning, think my brain is frozen dead

The past six months I had suffered, having breakfast with just breads

I'm always independent, there are things that I regret

Yeah things can be confusing, let me tell you what it's like

I met an old man yesterday and he was rich and he was proud

A lady dropped her suitcase, papers scattered all around

I had to catch another train cause I've missed the other one

As I sat beside a loner, humming softly to himself


Yeah I just don't give a damn at all

Let everything be what it should be

Throw away my illusion for a while

And face...reality

I threw a coin to a beggar but a boy picked it up instead

I had nothing more to offer, I had nothing more to say

A father held his little girl, giving words to motivate

A couple screamed at each other, so I smiled and turned away

Yeah mama had been right when she said,

"Hold on to yourself,

A friend might give a helping hand but it's up to you to crawl"

A clown can never be so happy, the audiences want more

I'm telling you a little story and it happened all around me

(Repeat chorus)

Don't look when you don't think it's not too good

Don't judge another man when you're not too sure

3 May 2008
So the story is I had to wake up early one Saturday morning, before the kids can do their own usual sound effects and record this acoustic version of my original song 'Little Things In Life' ;)


Anonymous said...


Ai Ler~

clickbuzz said...

layan gak.. rindu la kat zaman-zaman dulu... teringin la plak nak tengok tengok ko jamm' lagi cam dulu-dulu.. rinduuu.. :D.. err kalau aku preknen, aku kata ko mengidam. ko layan tak eh? mengidam nak dgr ko buat show. ha hahahha..

Dreamer said...

yeahh layannnn jgn tak layannnn! sorry for the error in the video upload...just uploaded a fresh full song last night...hope it works this time! i must change my video software....very the busuk la hoho ;p

first of all...mrs hope and dreams....ko betul ke pregnant?? heheh...kalau betul i perform utk u special private show punye haha! by da way congrats on passing the public mutual exam...salute la kat ko *wink wink*