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Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Tragic Story

So what’s next…
Ahh yes…to update my blog, my emails and at the same time, juggling with stuff in reality world! Plus the flu virus has been all over the place lately hence the surrounding mood is a bit subdued.

But I've managed to upload my second song here and inscribed the lyrics as well. I was not able to do a live acoustic version this time around, so just the audio with a still picture (damn this stupid Vista!). Again, apologies for the poor sound quality especially the lead guitar part because of my dying-piece-of-crap radio and the echo-ey singing (it just so irritates me that echo-ey effect…it’s like you’re in a cave or something!).

‘Another Tragic Story’ was also written 8 years ago. Similar to ‘Little Things in Life’, it was included in my three songs demo back in year 2000. I have also performed this song live in several events including my college dinner event where I was destined to meet my other half. Though, he didn’t play the bass for this song, it was cool-dude-now-hubby-to-Mrs D who entertained the audience with his creative bass lines ;) About the song itself, well it’s a rocky fast number with simple tablatures, inspired with a nice lyrical storyline.

A quick meaningful ‘thank you’ to those who are kind enough to leave lovely little comments in my youtube channel. It is always a pleasure to know others enjoy what you have enjoyed doing ;)

Lyrics & Melody by Tania Fiza
(Copyright 2008 Tania Fiza Rozlan, copyright registered at

Beneath the blazing sun trying not to run
Searching for a sign and picking up the time
So damn confused it's killing her inside
She doesn't wanna trust, doesn't wanna love
She'll face the emptiness and answers can't be heard
She needed more than what she's got
With only

One reason...
She's not the kinda person, baby
To simply pick or choose
It's getting harder and harder
She might be getting closer now
She's coming after you
She said...

"Feel me right and please step aside
Hey baby, I don't need a hand for me to live my own life
Call me sick but I'm not a freak"
It's just another tragic story 'bout a woman in need

Plain little lady with nothing much to worry but...
She's on a journey, a woman in a hurry yeah
She's got to make a start now before it's too late
She used to say surprises can be tough
You might not want it but you'll keep on praying for it
Another tough decision to make
With only

(Repeat pre-chorus & chorus)

She's taking you down hey
She will never regret it
Another silent riot hurting right in her head
"So honey please..." she said,
"I'm being nice and easy...blast it down, turn around"

Have a seat and listen to my story, baby
She made me sing, now

(Repeat chorus)

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