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Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to me...

After a long pause of my so called blog, here I am again… blogging on my birthday…
It’s Monday…what am I doing now?
Flickering through pages of blurry numbers, staring blankly at a square screen and at the same time peeking at my iphone…hmm not so bleepy this time around i.e. most of my friends sent birthday wishes on my facebook now, saving cents on text messages!

So what happened on my birthday so far?
Although Friday was cute enough to put a smile on my face…
“Thanks for the surprise present babe…luv ya”

But don’t get me wrong…
I may sound like a typical woman blogger who is constantly whining about stuff (psycho haha!)…but I’m not ;)
I appreciate all the warm wishes from friends and families…
I appreciate the gift of love
I appreciate being in my late at a road with the oh-so-clear three-o sign up ahead… *chuckled*

Lingering thoughts of celebrating special days like these back home are somewhere in my head…not always but there…
It’ll be different
It’ll be cherishable

I’m actually cracked due to monotonous routines
Hence the jumble of unnecessary emotions and the weird writings above
So… 1..2…3…4 more days to the weekend… *sigh*

"Dreaming away
Such endless dreams
Whistling a tune
The lady awaits…"

1 comment:

MommySo said...

happy birthday tany!!... hehehehe