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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dear Dhia

Dear Dhia
Like a flower you are
Forever blooming in the despair of others
Like an angel you are
Forever mending my broken soul
While your shine may not be as
But you stand behind me
Making sure I’m all right

Dear Dhia
Such a girl you are with so much care
The love you give is more than I can compare
You linger in the quiet, just a smile once in a while
But God knows how much we need you
You are the carer of our hearts
The little faith of one’s hope

Dear Dhia
Why may I ask?
These undeserved burdens you carry
When you are only a child
When you don’t need to worry
Let the troubles fly away
And let me worry for you instead
For all you need is to be happy
Like the princess and the fairies

Dear Dhia
The tear of a mother will never stop flowing
Constantly fear these unwanted fears
But I thank you my child
For the wisdom you depict
You illuminate patience in uncertainties
You simplify that all these are temporary
You worry me
But you complete me

Dear Dhia
I hope you will always remember
I know you will always do
How grateful your mother is
From the moment she held you
The first time her life actually begins
How fortunate your mother is
To be given this moment in her life
Having you by her side
Thank you Allah, God Almighty

Dear Dhia
I love you with all my heart and soul



kak nana said...

eh smlm kak nana dah tulis comment tapi cam salah tekan kot sebab tu xkluar... heheh... so sweet.. bestnya Dhia ada lagu specially from mummy dia....

DhiNai said...

hehe tenkiu kak nana...
saje je tulis2 poetry nih, bukan lagu pun...
just the way i release myself a little ;)