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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Sudden Puff of Air

Undeniably, the uneasiness creeps in...
Astounded by the sudden unknown which to me…should not have even occurred.
Yes, I rarely question, but that does not mean I live in my own little world.

Why must people tend not to be a little bit sensitive of their surroundings? Why must people put their feet forward, crossing over the restricted just to test the water? My encounter with the unexpected is only very small but I am still surprised all the same. It could lead to many more ‘openings’ if you know what I mean.

I wonder what have people assumed of my silence. She’s easy? She knows nothing? She’s quiet and doesn’t talk to anyone? Hmmm….one thing I should advice...even though a person chooses to stay hushed; don’t ever think that person knows nothing. You might be surprised by the awareness of others.

As yet again…I’ll try to let the matter fly by….
No need to be emotional over a seed of the unsafe although being cautious is the key I must hold on to…
God knows everything...tawaqal…

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