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Saturday, August 20, 2011

No Matter What

'No Matter What' - original song by Tania Fiza Rozlan (copyright reserved 2011 TFR)

On Aug 6, 2011, I suddenly felt an urge to write a song. Was I inspired by something? Well I guess you can say that. I always think, songwriting gets interesting when your normal life gets a bit of a shake. Before writing 'No Matter What', I wrote a couple of songs for the Avon Songwriting Competition. But at that time it felt like I was forcing myself to write. The flow of writing and composing wasn't as easy as this song. But as Demi Lovato said, if you wanna be a songwriter, you must finish writing your songs, even it's the silliest song you've ever written.

For 'No Matter What', I felt like going back to my music roots this time - Alternative. One of my biggest influences since I was a teenager is Greenday. The melody and lyrics just came to me in minutes. I don't know... this time around, it felt easy to write. While composing, I even had images for a video clip popping up in my head. I chose a comic-style video this time. Hope you guys enjoy ;)

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