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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

October Updates


A quick update on what’s going on these days… (yes I know I’m not very good at regularly updating my blog)…

First of all, birthday party held three weeks ago for my kid was a success, Alhamdulillah. Foods & satay were superb. Many thanks to Mr Caterer, Usmi. And thank you to Belle for organising the party as well. The candy corner was a big hit with the kids!
best satay ever by Mr Usmi!
candy corner by Belle Nor

A couple of weeks after that mainly centred on my post-miscarriage situation. Initially I didn’t feel like talking about it but then I kinda thought that if I post this publicly, someone out there experiencing the same condition might gain some supporting information from this.

Basically I bled 6 weeks post miscarriage. Bleeding was medium right after misc., then it went light. But 5 weeks after misc, it got really heavy, just like your first two days of period but instead of just one or two days, it lasted for a week. That’s when I rang the hospital cause I didn’t think this was normal. Of course, if you rang in, the midwife said, “If you have no pain, no fever or anything like that, there’s nothing to worry about. It should be okay soon, give it another 10 days…” Hehhh??

So I googled about bleeding after misc and most of the infos I got mentioned that bleeding should be around 2 weeks only. Okay so maybe I didn’t do any D&C or take any meds, but still you need some kind of reassurance to say that there’s nothing wrong with your body.

Spoke to one of my friend doctor who happens to work in the hospital that I went to, she advised me to go have a check up, and so I did. Story short, they found out my pregnancy test is still positive, did another scan – womb is empty, did a couple of blood tests to find out my hcg levels – it was 7 to 9 within 48 hours. Conclusion: doc said because the hcg level was so low, I didn’t have to do anything since womb is empty (no traces of retained product), apparently my body takes a lot longer to wash itself and return to its normal cycle, hence the prolonged bleeding. Sure enough, bleeding stopped just after week 6. Felt healthier ever since. Alhamdulillah.

So what I’m up to now…

Well… back to song-writing of course! Coincidentally my brother Illmie composed a short melody on the piano and he wanted me to turn it into a full song. He wrote a few lines of the lyrics and gave it a title called ‘Wounded’.

It is still in progress as it is a bit of a challenge for me to write (and think) like a 20-year-old boy! So like any other 20-year-olds, Illmie wants to write about a girl and falling in love. I am way passed that era by da way. So you can see that I have to walk down my own memory lane and recall my college years, recapped my own experiences in order to feel the song and write the lyrics. Man, it is not easy I tell ya!

But I like the challenge and I’m up for it. I can’t wait for it to finish, and then move on to the arrangement and producing process. I’m hoping that once I’ve recorded the song, Illmie and his friends can come up with a music video for it. It’ll be more appropriate for him to shoot the video rather than me since he is still studying. I would think his university will be the perfect location to shoot *hint hint to Illmie a.k.a lemanggg*

That’s all for now, Happy Diwali to my Indian friends and Happy Halloween!

P/s: Oh, almost forgot to mention that we had a mini celebration at Swai for my birthday and my other half’s (both in October) last weekend. Happy birthday sayy! Love ya!

Thank you girls for the lovely card!

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