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Friday, October 7, 2011


I’ve been planning to update this blog but there’s so many things going on the past week or so, I just didn’t manage to actually sit and scribble my thoughts. Excuses excuses :p 

Before I go on about what is mainly occupying my head at the moment, I want to quickly say THANK YOU to the people who give their support to my music and my song writings. This time I want to say a special thanks to my fellow song-writer friend Zainal Zulia from Sajakiri for actually featuring my song “Don’t Say Goodbye” and the story behind the song on Sajakiri’s website and song portfolio. It is always an encouragement and a joy to know that someone out there (especially if that someone is also a musician) appreciates your work and the effort and attention that you put into it.
Thank you Cikgu!

Support local music!

Moving on…

No new song at the moment cause I’m focusing on a birthday party that I’m about to throw this weekend. It’s been years since I last organised a big party. So this time around I’m hiring my friend, Belle who is a splendid event organiser to do all the thinking!

Of course hiring a caterer is also a must since my kitchen is not equipped to prepare meals for a big number of guests. More excuses :p

Here’s hoping that the Irish weather is going to be kind. Hope everything goes well InsyaAllah.

Oh and the past few days I was a devoted reader and follower of the Amanda Knox appeal case. Sure every time I surf the news on the web, the case made headlines on almost every sites. I was actually glued to BBC on TV when they were delivering the verdict. Man, that was intense!

Ok.. that’s it for now. I won’t blabber more on the little things that had taken up my time the last two weeks.

Be safe, be good and have a nice weekend folks! :)

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