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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Don't Say Goodbye

Salam and hi readers,

Alhamdulillah, as promised, today I am proud to introduce to you my latest song, “Don’t Say Goodbye”.

As mentioned in my earlier post, this song as a whole is based on an unfortunate event. I wrote it on Sept 11, 2011 but I only managed to finish the video last night.

Yes, this song is about the unlucky event but there is one thing that actually switched the light bulb in my head to actually write a song about it. A dream. Not my dream. It’s my other half’s dream. Before I experienced my miscarriage, my husband dreamt a weird but moving dream. He saw a child, a familiar child, on the other side of the road. The child was looking at him. He didn’t recognise the child but somehow, deep down he knew that this child was ours. He wanted to cross over, to go to the child but he couldn’t.  He cried. He was hopeless. And then the child waved and went away. My husband dreamt the same dream three times before the unfortunate event happened.

When he told me about his dream, I told him that he was lucky to get to meet the child. I wish I could see him or her in my dreams too. And that’s when the words to the song came. The structure of the song was inspired by this dream.

 Another idea that helped build the song was a small conversation I had with another friend who happened to have experienced the same mishap. One of her words that hit me was ‘Emptiness’. She felt somewhat empty at times, and so did I.

And now I present to you my latest song, “Don’t Say Goodbye”:

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Special thanks to Shamsul Zaman for sharing your dream, and for your love and support in everything I do.

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