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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Inspired! The Sims style :p

Following on from my last post. Remember one of the unfortunate events? Not event number one. Not event number two either. I am talking about unlucky event number three…

This event plus my other half’s moving dream and a conversation with a friend who shares the same mishap… these three things have inspired me to write and compose my new latest song entitled “Don’t Say Goodbye”.

Nothing like my last song “No Matter What” which is very much alternative and punk-rock style; “Don’t Say Goodbye” is slow-rock, influenced by classic rock bands such as Mr. Big, Skid Row, Scorpions, Metallica and even local bands like Wings and May.

Actually, to be honest, I wrote the melody for the chorus 15 years ago. Yes. You read it correctly. 15 years. But at the time I was naïve in writing. My writing ideas were mostly based on my dreams to become a singer-songwriter. Like many other hopeful teenagers, I wanted to perform. The whole basis for this song is to express sadness of someone dear leaving or to express the emptiness that one will feel when love is gone. I didn’t have any of that kind of experience 15 years ago hence the song originally didn’t sound real.

On September 11, 2011, I’ve re-written the lyrics based on my own unfortunate experience and re-wrote the melody for the verses to compliment the chorus. This time, I think and feel that the whole meaning of the song sounded right. This time it is from the heart.

I don’t want to elaborate much.. not just yet. I’ve arranged and mixed the sounds for the song but I have yet to record the vocals. And then I have to do some brainstorming to come up with a storyboard for the video. Please remember I am doing all of these by myself and I am only a novice especially in video-making. I may have creative ideas in my head but it is not so easy to bring them into reality, especially when I am not an expert in video production.

So until then.. until I have finish my song and its video.. do stay tuned. InsyaAllah, my next post will be the finish product  :)

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Writing my new song "Don't Say Goodbye"

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