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Monday, September 5, 2011

Eid and Its Festivity

Today's subject matter is still on Eid and its festivity.

The highlight of the past week.

I can babble on about the over-eating, the tiredness, the visiting, the fun, the smiles and mingling, although some moments were tongue-tied, etc.

But I’m sure most of normal muslims with normal lives who are celebrating Eid at the moment would experience more or less the same thing, so I think it’s best to leave the elaborating to pictures and memories that we have collected these past days.

I’m not one to mingle very well especially with adults or even with people my own age sometimes. But what I love about social events and gatherings is watching all the kids with their pretty apparels and happy smiles, playing and laughing, having no care in this world. These are the moments that fascinate me, thus encourage me to take out my camera, hoping to capture the love and its purity.

To the thoughtful and kindly people who didn’t mind to spend some of their time to come to our humble house for raya, thank you very very much.

Like many others, having friends coming over for raya always put a smile on our faces, giving a sense of belonging, receiving the warmth and happiness from others.

Maybe… if God wills, and things go to plan… maybe our Ramadhan & Eid will be even merrier next year, hoping to celebrate with families and close friends. InsyaAllah.

Apart from wanting to be with my family back home, I truly miss my grandparents too. They were part of my childhood and my teenage years. They were part of my growing up. They were part of my life. I've been longing to visit their graves for the past few years but never got around to do it. I dream about them sometimes.
'Ya Allah, sampaikan salam sayang ku pada mereka. Semoga Engkau cucuri rahmat atas roh mereka. Ampunkan lah dosa2 mereka, kurangkan azab mereka dan tempatkan mereka di kalangan orang2 yang beriman. Sesungguhnya Kau Maha Mengetahui. Amin.'

kampung ku at kuala lipis, pahang
(my grandparents old house used to be clean and well-kept, now it's shabby and in ruins)

the river right across the old kampung

Til we meet again...

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